September 19h through November 1st, 2014

After Phosphènes in 2012, the Galerie Da-End is pleased to welcome Catalan artist Marceŀla Barceló for a second solo exhibition of drawings and paintings, entitled Terrains/vagues.

Born in 1992 in Palma, Marceŀla Barceló grew up in the Majorcan countryside, surrounded by dense garrigue and wild shores. This environment inspired her from a very young age and sensitized her to ecological issues, which show today through all her artistic production.

On the occasion of the Terrains/vagues exhibition, the artist presents a series of recent works representing suffering creatures and individuals. To the underlying psychic tensions respond real physical wounds, as so many threatening symbols of the dreadful influence of mankind on its peers and Nature. « Carried by a swell of skimmed haze, of under-reality, feeling everything to the extreme, nothingness stifles, » she writes. « Being a wasteland, going to waste / A wave of deficiency / A muted opinion of the real. »

Invited artists : César Bardoux, Matsui Fuyuko, Hugues Reip, Satoshi Saïkusa & Jan Švankmajer (Courtesy of Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles).

Narcose, the other part of the exhibition will simultaneously be presented at L'Inlassable Galerie.

OPENING RECEPTION on Thursday, September 25th, from 7 to 10 pm.

N.B : In reason of our participation to YIA Art Fair, the gallery will be exceptionally closed on wednesday 22nd and thursday 23rd of October, 2014.